“I Love Brunch” – Not Written By… Bill Walton

There only a few things which are especially dear to me.  Obviously I love my family and the game of basketball.  I love to log miles on my bike.  UCLA has a special place in my heart as well.  But something you might not know is how much I love brunch.  I’m a fan.  Come on!  Who doesn’t love brunch?!

After a late-night broadcast, commentating a double overtime PAC-12 battle, nothing in our culture today can beat a rock solid brunch.  Brunch is as a great an American institution as our country has ever known!  Sometimes, if the rest of broadcast team is otherwise occupied, I’ll go by myself, just to enjoy the spectacle that is brunch.  I may have a busy day ahead of me, but for that moment when beautiful plates of food are presented, I put everything else aside and nourish my body.

If executed to perfection, the pageantry of brunch is truly an art form.  The Belgium waffles, the custom omelettes, the fresh fruit, the delightful pastries…  There’s nothing like it.  And the drinks!  When else can you get a guilt-free buzz off of bloody marys and mimosas?

Let’s take a moment just to focus on omelettes.  You’ve got all your food groups covered!  The protein, the dairy, the vegetables…  Wait, what food group are avocados in?  I’m really confused now.  I’m gonna need to get out on my bike and clear my head!  Speaking of clearing your head… you have to be mentally prepared, because making the perfect omelette is incredibly difficult!  The eggs, the cheese, the toppings, the perfect flip at exactly the right moment…  You just get lost in the process and wash all your troubles away.  What could be better?

A lot of you may be thinking brunch is a trivial waste of time, but in the history of this American life we’ve learned it’s all about the little things that bring you happiness.  Some may think basketball is trivial, but to others it’s a way of life.  To each his own.  Live life to the fullest.  I rest my case.

– Not Written By… Bill Walton



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